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Yellow Spa Bathrobe

Yellow Spa Bathrobe
Yellow Spa Bathrobe

Unique and first of it's kind, the ORIGINAL Miracle Cloth which soaks up 7 times it's weight in water!!! Wrings virtually dry with ease and washes well. 

Daisy and Max get a bath or light shower almost every day! And they DON'T like to waste play time sitting under a dryer! We certainly found the post bath time a wet mess. So, we came up with this stylish and practical alternative.

The design features a chest panel to help dry the underside area...while straps wrap around the back to tie securely. This is one bathrobe that is staying ON. Hood comes over the head to help dry the ear and neck area.

A popular item with everyone who tries it. A cute little pocket is a decorative design feature. Groomers say they can't live without this item!

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